Cellar Door


You may have missed the rabbit hole, but as you emerge, you know you are not in Kansas anymore.

This ‘wonderland’ is not the impersonal big winery tasting; it is as comfortable as the kitchen table but with the best Riedel glassware and the gentle hospitality of our cellar door manager, Janet Phillips.

There is Jen’s fresh baked sourdough bread and our own fantastic olive oil to taste and perk up the palate and Dave’s hand-crafted refectory table to sit around while Janet presents our wines. Janet knows them intimately and is a mine of knowledge about the other wines and personalities of the district.
You are treated professionally, but you are not sitting for an exam; we are, and we want to pass with flying colours.

Tables and chairs outside under the gum trees beside the creek cater for picnics with friends and family.

The gallery joining the tasting room displays the works of local artists as well Jen’s drawings and paintings, including her intriguing bird studies.
Amid the birds, frogs and other wildlife by the creek you may be lucky enough to see and hear the delightful shrike thrush who bursts into song to greet guests every day.

Oh! Did I mention there are over a dozen different Dogridge wines to try, from fizz to fortified sweeties? Don’t hurry we’re not in a rush.


Group tastings at DogRidge

For groups of 6 or more, bookings are required in advance.

We have three experiences available to suit your group (maximum of 14 people)

  • $5 / person - Enjoy a structured tasting of 8 of our most popular wines.  Allow one hour for this experience.
  • $15 / person - Label making session.  Create your own unique wine label while tasting your way through 8 of our most popular wines.  You then get to take the bottle away with you.  
  • $10 / person - Enjoy a structured tasting of 14 wines from our PUP and Premium range.  Allow 90 minutes for this experience.

We accept groups between 11am to 1pm only.  Please note that we do not accept licenced buses, 18th or 21st celebrations or hen's/buck's parties. 

Payment is taken one week before the booking to secure your spot.  Please call cellar door and talk to Janet about your group and tasting preferences.

08 8383 0140 - extension 1